Virtual FUNdraiser 2020

This is How Our Community Plays

Wow! Was this fundraiser event not the most incredible week together, or what? What a personal blessing it has been to meet all of you and co-create the foundation for this community. This week was packed with more learning, laughter and community than I could have ever imagined. My cup is so very filled and I hope yours is too, especially... as we have all entered yet another strange and complicated chapter in our planet's saga.

I am so incredibly excited to announce that together, we have raised MORE THAN DOUBLE our original goal of $2100 for the Playground Project at the Creation of Hope Orphanage! WHAT THIS MEANS IS... not only will the 79 children receive a full set of playground equipment, but musical instruments AND a much-needed tile floor in the children's bedroom as well! Incredible, right?

As we mentioned on our Welcome and Launch Night, this is just the very beginning for this nonprofit and its new community. This first project has proven to be an enormous success and testimony to the hearts of everyone involved.

In 2021, we plan on providing you all with more resources to enhance your personal wellbeing, self-care, and nourishment as we continue our humanitarian projects in the world. We will also be asking you all to vote on the projects you would like most to be involved in as we plan our next year of CHANGEMAKING together!

October 25th - October 30th

Every Night from 7:00 - 8:30 pm
All Times Are in PST

Sunday, October 25th | 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Welcome & Launch

Alyssa Noelle Coelho

Our Story
Our Board of Directors
Our Mission and Our Vision
Our Current Project at the Creation of Hope Orphanage

Linda Rasch

As Alyssa shares the story, mission, and vision of Lionheart Creations Foundation, Linda will bring it to life in an intuitive painting, capturing and expanding on all this passion, energy, and intention to make a difference — especially through this very special project. 

Yorly Quintero

Yorly will be opening the event with Imagine by John Lennon.

Monday, October 26th | 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Healing Movement & Dance Night

Kathryn McCormick

Through Neurosculpting meditation and free movement, Kathryn will be guiding everyone as we use curiosity to move beyond limiting stories around our bodies and towards a more open and loving perspective of self. Movement is the language of our bodies and when there is permission to move freely there is more space for healing and transformation to occur. 

Tuesday, October 27th | 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Astrology: Our Place at This Time in the Universe

Dr. Michael Lennox

The extraordinary change that is taking place on the planet is completely described by the astrological transits that are playing out in 2020, and in the next few years. The planets Pluto and Saturn are bringing transformation and karmic reckoning, and in some ways, things are only going to accelerate. Though the world seems to be breaking down, there is a tremendous opportunity for personal self actualization that is also taking place at this time. Join Dr. Michael Lennox as we dive into the archetypal energy that is behind all of this revolutionary change.


Wednesday, October 28th | 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Self-Care: Skincare, Tapping, and Yoga

Ciara Gutierrez

You will discover how to befriend your beauty and transform your skin with the best tips and tricks from Acne Specialist, Ciara Gutierrez. You'll learn how to improve your skin by avoiding these five critical foods, eliminate "Maskne" with five game-changing tricks, and unveil key household culprits that might be causing your breakouts.

Dawn Bennett

Dawn will teach us a simple tapping technique to clear strong emotions, including those around the future, the election, and the state of the world, so we can move forward with clarity, confidence, and choice.

Michelle Collins

From calming breathing techniques to deep stretches that invite stillness and ease, Michelle will guide us in a brief and gentle yoga practice. It will be a simple, accessible practice that will help you feel at ease and teach you simple tools to help you feel calm and improve clarity and flow in your life beyond yoga class.

Thursday, October 29th | 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Our Hero's Journey: Authoring Our Happily Ever After

Dan Millman

Dan will be discussing the Here and Now, key topics to breathing, relaxing, and enhancing our health and well-being during covid times, election times, or anytime.

Amanda Johnson and Aaron Johnson

It's easy to look at the world in 2020 and feel powerless to change any of the overwhelming collective stories, but the biggest changes in plotlines start when the characters in the story change minor details in their scripts. Amanda Johnson and her son, Aaron, will inspire and empower you to change OUR STORY.


Friday, October 30th | 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Meditation, Prayer, & Music

Dr. Niki Elliott

Dr. Niki Elliott will guide us through a cutting-edge mindfulness practice designed to help change-makers like you stay self-regulated, balanced, and healthy in body, mind, and spirit as you go into the world and be the change that only you can be.

Dr. Ahmondra McClendon

Rev. Ahmondra McClendon will close this week with an interfaith invitation to deepen our commitment to humanity and unity -- to all of us moving together to change the world regardless of what is going on around us. 

Joe Lopez

Joe will close our week of fun and learning with his original single Go. 

Event Sponsors, Facilitators & Artists


Amanda Johnson
Unapologetic Story Junkie, Messenger Guide


Dr. Ahmondra McClendon
Ordained Interfaith Minister,
Child Welfare Advocate

JoeLopez copy

Joe Lopez
Singer, Musician


Ciara Gutierrez
Licensed Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist,
Founder of Faces on the Front Lines



Dan Millman
Former World Champion Athlete, Gymnastics Coach, Martial Arts Instructor, College Professor, Author


Dawn Bennett
Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
Author, Speaker


Kathryn McCormick
Professional Dancer, Movement Educator, Neurosculpting Meditation Facilitator,
So You Think You Can Dance Contestant and All-Star



Linda Rasch
Intuitive Artist



Dr. Michael Lennox
Spiritual Teacher, Psychologist, Astrologer,
Expert in Dreams



Michelle Collins
Certified Yoga Therapist and Wellness Coach
Author, Speaker


Dr. Niki Elliott
Holistic Educator, Author,
Neurodiversity and Mindfulness Practitioner


Yorly Quintero
Urban Latin Musician, Songwriter, Producer