Best Seller Anniversary

2 years ago today, I decided to write my book, to share my poetry – my journey. 1 year ago today, I actually did it. Celebrating CHOSEN’s 1 year anniversary & all the awesome supporters in my life who made it possible.


Wait, did I just write a book?

November of 2015 – one year ago… “Yeah this is my sister, Alyssa. She’s writing a book.” I coughed as my coffee practically sputtered through my nose. Just one swift kick under the table should shut her up. My sister, Amanda Johnson, just looked at me and smiled. I oozed with frustration for the next few days as I was reminded every time she introduced me to someone at Camp Good Life Project that I hadn’t taken even one step toward that dream. You see, for years, I had this vision to share my story with the world in hopes of inspiring healing in other young teens and adults who are suffering, in hopes of giving a voice to those who feel lost.

Yet, every time I sat down to write, it was as if my pen woke my inner pessimist, “Who do you think you are trying to write a book? What expertise do you have? You’re only 20. You don’t know anything. Your story is no better than anyone else’s. Your poems sound like journal entries. Give up already. There’s no point. No one will listen. No one will care.” Every nerve in my being shuttered with fear. “Okay Sis, I’m going to do it. I am going to compile all my poetry, intertwine a narrative to enhance the theme, design the cover and interior, run a bestseller campaign, and publish this time next year.” We are now two weeks from launching my first book CHOSEN for Amazon Best Seller and I can honestly say the three biggest lessons that I have learned over this process are…

1. Your story matters!!!
2. The world NEEDS to hear it and you NEED to share it!!!
3. It is so incredibly possible!!!! No matter how dark, how easy, how hard, how short, how long, how impossible your journey back to LOVE has been, it matters.


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