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A Mystery Many Call God

“There is a Mystery many call God, Manifesting as Universal Love, a set of Laws, and a Great Process. That Process works through each and all of us, and that Process is perfect. As we discover this fundamental truth in the journey of our lives, we find that wherever we step, the path appears beneath…

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Wisdom Begins In Wonder

  “Wisdom begins in wonder.” I possess no certain or ultimate knowledge – not a smidgen, not a drop. All my “facts” are but a house of cards balanced atop a realm of wonder. Use whatever knowledge you have but see it’s limitations. Knowledge alone does not suffice; it has no heart. No amount of…

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Poets’ Definition of Love

  “For an instant, from a vantage point somewhere in space, I felt myself expanding at the speed of light, ballooning, exploding to the outermost limits of existence until I was the universe. Nothing separate remained. I had become everything. I was Consciousness, recognizing itself; I was the pure light that physicists equate with all…

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