I Have A Love

I have a love for presence

That only the poets can describe

A freedom only Henley could appreciate

I have a love for light

That only the scientists can understand

A language only Galileo could translate

I have a love for compassion

That only the alchemists can touch

A frequency only Gautama could feel

I have a love for adventure

That only the travelers can comprehend

A possibility only Earhart could dream of

I have a love for expectation

That only the visionaries can see

A hope only King could inspire

I have a love for curiosity

That only the wanderers can imagine

A passion only Einstein could fathom

I have a love for awe

That only the healers can communicate

A definition only Jesus could demonstrate

I have a love for balance

That only the dancers can handle

A grace only Pavlova could emulate

I have a love for integrity

That only characters can know

A trust that only Lincoln could grasp

I have a love for unity

That only the philosophers believe in

A faith only Socrates could articulate


~ Alyssa Noelle Coelho

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