Glow, Baby, Glow

Fire fell from the sky to the earth,
and everyone bowed to the great mystery upon them.

Fire smiled up at them, eyes bright and glowing with The Original Flame,
and everyone stoked it steadily with whispers of love.

Fire danced happily,
and everyone snuggled in around its warmth.

Fire sparked, crackled, and sizzled, asking for more fuel,
and everyone fearfully removed everything precious from its reach.

Fire popped and blazed, burning as it begged for acknowledgment,
and everyone doused it with buckets of water, making it follow a cooler suit.

Glowing embers, fighting hopelessly against waters of disappointment,
buried in the earth and forgotten…but not extinguished.

The soft glow from beneath the soil attracted those needing warmth;
but Fire, thought to be too dangerous, had lost its one and only defense.

Tumbled and trodden beneath the calloused feet of the unconscious,
Fire wondered if it would survive…if it would ever burn again.

And then…

Weighted feet pushing down, compacting the soil around them,
the embers combusted into a spark of defiance: “You have no power here.”

The Wind, seizing the moment, whipped across the face of the earth,
re-igniting the un-extinguishable Original Flame from within.

Burning, growing, glowing.
Nurtured and stoked by generous angels passing by.

Even in the darkest night, Fire can still hear The Wind whisper,
“You are Fire, an expression of The Original Flame.
You are here to burn, to give light, to refine,
to make everything you touch glow with Grace and Love.
Glow, Baby, Glow.”

~ Amanda Johnson

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