There comes a point in every author and messenger’s journey when they realize their message is far bigger than they are – when their eyes start to open a little wider right after they hear the word YES slip of their own lips, when they watch their hands start moving a little faster and their backs start working a little harder because they have fully embraced their mission.

Like many things, the desire creeps along until we finally give it a voice, a nodding approval to occupy our space, time, and energy. We put our heads down and our hearts to work in hopes of doing the MESSAGE justice. Along the way, we get so incredibly consumed in the process that often, we forget the bigger picture. We forget that everything we are doing – writing, reviewing, designing, editing, revising, speaking, advertising, engaging, selling, launching, sending millions of emails back and forth in a flurry of urgency to meet deadlines – is to serve the MESSAGE.

We are not just award winning writers or public figures or role models or millionaires or any other title we are given by those who think we are beyond the ordinary. We are servants to the MESSAGE we said yes to being a vessel to. It is as simple as that. We are every human being who has found meaning in their story. We are every aspiring soul who desires to share. We are you.

And we are able to deliver the MESSAGE because of our honest will to… And, may we never forget, also because of the circle of support we have in making our mission possible. Thank you to everyone whose love, support, and cheerleading got me through each obstacle, fear and pitfall. Thank you for making this MESSAGE possible. I will always appreciate and cherish the awesome soul you have been to me along my journey.

Love & Light,
Alyssa Noelle Coelho

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