Become The Gift

“You have to become the love you have experienced. You have to embody that expanded heart consciousness, and bring it to the world. That’s how you keep the love alive.”

“Like, become whole without her?”

“Yes, but its more than that. You become the love and then you share it with the world. You are a carrier now. You have seen something magnificent. You are called to bring it to humanity. You just have to discover the form that works for you.”

“You mean find the gift right?”

It’s more than that. You actually become the gift. It continues to live on through you, even in her absence. You become whole when you find a way to express that in your life.”

“But we failed…”

“Failed! How can love ever fail? If you can be in heartbreak, and keep your heart totally open, you are living so very close to God. Love is the great door opener. It opens our guarded hearts, grants us a glimpse of another universe, leaves us with a taste of the divine. Love doesn’t fail us – it’s our expectations that fail us. We expect it to last when it came for a different reason altogether.”

I cried for my loss, her loss, your loss – all those moments when all of us had longed for love, retreated from love, lost love before it could be fully lived. Oh my God, there is so much unfulfilled love on this troubled planet. Doors that opened and closed before their time. All the salt in the oceans must come from the unshed tears of humanity.

~ Jeff Brown

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