Rick Amitin’s Journey Back To Love…


“There was familiarity, you lived across the street

All the games we played outside, made you seem so sweet

Leading me into the garage, I didn’t know what was in store

I would change forever at five, with the closing of that door


What would naturally happen, took place way too soon

I’d spend years collecting, the parts of me that were strewn

Living in fear with secrets, causes a life you’re bound to abhor

I faced a much different world, when I walked back out that door


The vow of silence is just built-in, don’t talk about the events

It takes a keen eye indeed, to notice you’re wounded and bent

At a time when all should be precious, it’s difficult to see the core

The day of regret comes for many, what goes on behind closed doors


Wings that are clipped make it hard, to take to the air in flight

Knowing exactly where you should be, isn’t so clearly in sight

The very sense of wonder is, replaced by a desire to ignore

To give yourself the life you deserve, you’ll have to deal with that door


Go to a place of redemption, that will get rid of the shame

Not so fast you learn, it’s a very interpretive game

Fear and manipulation, judges want only to keep score

What should be a place of healing, is just another door


You don’t have many able, willing to fix broken things

To find yourself alone in a crowd, is the kind of thing that stings

Wading through fragile humanity, can definitely be a chore

Determine to never give up, believe in a wholeness door


I just couldn’t accept what is, as what’s meant to be

Hoping if I kept trying one day, I would be set free

With dysfunction firmly behind, you can expect a life to adore

When you can step from the shadows, you have found the healing door”


-Rick Amitin

Photography by Suit Yourself Productions

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