Dying Of Thirst

I am 20 years old. I will be 21 in December. I look around me – on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter – and I see girls that I knew. I see girls that I used to look up to, girls I used to admire for their strength and courage, for their vibrance and resilience. And I see many of them, like us all, giving so much of their power away now. Maybe something about growing up, about realizing we should be more “realistic” about our expectations. Work all day. Come home. Pay bills. Find a man who will let us have them – maybe even want us back. And then… do it all over again.

And many of them often realize, somewhere along the line, that they deserve better – that they are worth more… and they act on it! They make the changes they have to in order to better their life and in return, never settle for less than what they desire and need.

And then there are the girls who fall under spells – to no fault of their own but to the fault of boys who have not yet become men and are on their own journey as well. Nonetheless, it is simply not okay. While they too believe these things and might even realize them, they are already too deep in to see a way out.

To you, my heart goes out. To you, I have felt your pain. To you, I see you. To you, I know you. To you, I hear you. You are beautiful. You are strong. And you are so incredibly worthy of love – real, raw, divine love. Please don’t lose sight of that fire inside you.

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