Tell Me Again

Tell Me Again

Hey, um, it’s me.


Do You, by chance, remember me?

I’m, uh, I’m back.

Here I am.


I was hoping, maybe, You could be honest with me.

Just tell me, am I, uh, am I beyond repair this time?

Is there any fixing this heart? Your rose?

Could You? Would You?



Please, tell me I haven’t torn

These sweet red petals too far apart.

Tell me their rich color isn’t worn

Beyond the pigment of Your heart.

Tell me I haven’t defiled,

I haven’t completely martyred,

Your amazing work of art

That You’ve tried so hard

To keep from falling apart.

Please, just tell me,

Tell me where to start.



Tell me there’s still hope

For these hopelessly crumbled leaves.

Tell me that You know

How to put an end to this grief,

How to stop these heaves

And somehow gather these shattered pieces,

And maybe even weave

Them into something worth even preconceiving.

Please, just tell me.

Tell me You still believe in me.



Tell me there’s still a chance

For my stem to function.

Tell me this romance

With sin hasn’t resulted in desolate destruction.

That this malfunction

Of my nature’s actions

Isn’t beyond Your construction,

That simply because I stem from Your seed,

I qualify for some exemption.

Please, just tell me.

Tell me of Your redemption.




Tell me I’m not irrational

For thinking these roots

Still have some

Possibility for bearing decent fruit,

That don’t tempt but rebuke

Temptation in its pursuit.

Roots that know when to excuse themselves

and when to refuse

All that’s made to confuse and eventually consume.

Please, just tell me.

Tell me You’ll uproot me.


I don’t know how else to put into words

This sorrow I know sounds so absurd

Because I come and I go and I come back again,

Begging and begging for You to open up Your hand

And cover my mistakes

With grace upon grace

Just so I can stand.


God, just uproot me.

Dig me a new hole, this time even deeper.

Give me a seed that pleases and seizes

The justified and righteous wrath of my Redeemer.

Give me Your word to adore



And continue to pour over Your brand new seed,

Until its beauty overflows and begins to explore

Where roots will grow and finally be born

Into one strong and mighty stem,

That will only tremble and bend,

Not because of any worldly condemnation

But upon the very sound of its Master’s command.


Let Your spirit flood and rush

So insanely wild that leaves will thrust

Out into the open like arms embracing

their Maker’s touch

Until Your hand reaches down and

Your finger whispers a hush,


“Shhh… ” He smiles as He whispers,

“This is My favorite part.

Watch carefully, My Dear. Take a

look at your heart.”


His sweet breath washes over and

as the petals unfold,

Red velvet pours down

In streams of blood so divine,

Only Love is to be found.


Only Love is to be found

In this heart of mine.

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Artwork by Carly Ashdown
Photography by Catherine Heath